What We Offer

Preparation of Safety Plans, Safety Files, Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Fall Protection Plans and other safety documentation.Provision of Project Health and Safety Plan
  • Interview with contractor to get information and visit to site to do physical inspection.
  • Initial set of risk assessments and Fall Protection Plan if applicable.
  • Amendments to safety plan if required by Contractor.
Occupational Health & Safety File
  • The File contains information required to be completed by legislation including Appointment Letters, Registers for items such as Excavation Inspections and Construction Vehicle and Plant Inspections, copy of the Regulations, training records, etc. The completed File is passed to the Client as required by legislation at the end of the project.
  • We would train site management in use of the safety file in a one off handover session
    Carrying out safety inspections of sites to advise on health and safety issues affecting the workplace and recommendations for complying with legislation.
  • Site safety report will be drafted at end of each visit and a copy left on site.
    Monitoring of Health and Safety culture on site and checks on Safety Registers & documentation.
Accident and Incident Investigation
  • Safety Talks will conduct an Accident and Incident Investigation on behalf of the contractor and assist with the preparation of safe work procedures, method statements and risk assessments to avoid reoccurrence.
Safety Officers in Terms of Reg. (8) of the Construction Regulations
  • Safety Talk’s highly capable consultants assist contractors with full time or part time safety officers, according to the client’s requirements.
Duties Include:
  • Conducting Safety Audits on Principal Contractor and (sub)Contractors activities
  • Checking of documentation on site
  • Production of Safety Report after audits
  • Reporting of safety deviations
  • Monitoring of safety culture on site
  • Induction Training
  • Toolbox Talks
Premises audits
  • Safety Talks will conduct an initial audit of Premises to identify hazards to determine Safe Work Procedures required.
  • Safety Talks will supply Risk Assessments and Safe Work Procedures for the Premises.
  • Safety Talks will supply an Occupational Health and Safety File for use on Premises.
  • Safety Talks will chair safety meetings with employees (if required).
  • Safety Talks can conduct monthly safety audits on Premises operations, checking safety documentation on an ongoing basis and toolbox talks with employees (if required).
Liaison with Department of Labour on behalf of our clients
  • Safety Talks will act as the buffer between contractors and DoL.

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