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Safety is our main concern.

Safety Talks

Safety Talks is a safety advisory company who specialise in health and safety issues affecting the construction industry. We have been in operation since 2006 and have a large portfolio of clients and projects supported by a dedicated team.

Our vision is to assist contractors to comply with Health and Safety requirements in order to maximise profitability and minimise loss of production time and human resources.

We believe that we can make a difference to people’s attitudes towards health and safety and we strive to reduce the number of fatalities and disabling injuries in the workplace, most of which are preventable – especially with a sound safety management system in place.

We are a BBBEE Level 4 Contributor.

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Our Services

Provision of Project Health and Safety Plan

Interview with contractor to get information and visit to site to do physical inspection. Initial set of risk assessments and Fall Protection Plan if applicable. Amendments to safety plan if required by Contractor.

Occupational Health & Safety File

The File contains information required to be completed by legislation including Appointment Letters, Registers for Excavation Inspections and Construction Vehicle and Plant Inspections, copy of the Regulations, training records, etc.

Accident and Incident Investigation

Safety Talks will conduct an Accident and Incident Investigation on behalf of the contractor and assist with the preparation of safe work procedures, method statements and risk assessments to avoid reoccurrence.

Safety Officers

Full or part time safety officers, according to the client’s requirements and in Terms of Reg. (8) of the Construction Regulations.

Liaison with Department of Labour

Safety Talks will act as the buffer between contractors and DoL, on behalf of our clients.

Premises audits

Safety Talks will conduct an initial audit of Premises to identify hazards to determine Safe Work Procedures required and provide them.

Question and Answer

What is a safety file?

In the construction industry a Safety file is a collection of documents regarding the type of work being done on a specific site. Each safety file is compiled for a specific site, and cannot be used for any other sites. The Construction Regulations defines it as follows – “health and safety file” means a file, or other record containing the information in writing required by these Regulations;” In Construction Regulation 7 (1)(b) it stipulates that a principal contractor and contractor must – “open and keep on site a health and safety file, which must include all documentation required in terms of the Act and these Regulations, which must be made available on request to an inspector, the client, the client’s agent or a contractor; …”

Does a subcontractor need a safety file?

Every contractor, big or small must have a complete safety file for the construction site that they are working on. Whether they are new to the scene or are an established contractor, whether they have 1 or 1000 employees on site, there is no legal way around it. Contractors, like all principal contractors, must have their own safety file. There is a very general misconception that you can make use of (sub)contractors and just slot their activities into your safety file as if they were your own employees, the truth is that you cannot and should not. The contractor is an entity on its own and not your employee.

Why must a (sub)contractor have their own safety file?

Other contractors are not covered by your Workman’s Compensation or your Public Liability Insurance. In short, you are playing with the future of your business if you make use of contractors and think that they are covered by your safety documentation without having any file or records of their own.

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